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45 Wacky Uses for
Clorox® Bleach

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  1. Clean a toilet bowl. Pour in one cup Clorox bleach. Let it stand for ten minutes. Brush and flush.
  2. Relieve poison ivy. Immediately wash with soap and water, then mix equal parts Clorox Bleach and water, saturate a cotton ball with the liquid, and dab it on affected areas. The bleach removes urushiol oil and treats the resulting rash. If the bleach begins to burn the skin, shower it off.
  3. Clean a rubber sink mat. Fill the sink with water, add one-quarter cup Clorox bleach, and soak the sink mat five to ten minutes.
  4. Repel insects. Before going outside, fill a bathtub with warm water, add two capfuls of Clorox bleach, and soak in the solution for fifteen minutes (without getting the chlorinated water in your eyes).
  5. Relieve a jellyfish sting. Pouring some Clorox Bleach onto a jellyfish sting eliminates the pain, disinfecting the venom. Once the pain dissipates, rinse thoroughly to remove the bleach from skin.
  6. Remove a wart. Using a Q-Tips Cotton Swab apply a dab of Clorox directly to the wart—without getting any on the surrounding skin. Repeat for several days until the wart dissolves.
  7. Kill poison ivy. Spraying full-strength Clorox Bleach on poison ivy kills the plant. Fill a trigger-spray bottle with the liquid and—wearing goggles, a mask, rubber gloves, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt—spray the poison ivy.
  8. Kill lice on combs and brushes. When treating hair for lice, add two teaspoons Clorox Bleach to a sink full of water and soak all combs, brushes, berets, and hair clips in solution.
  9. Remove nail polish stains from fingernails. Mix four teaspoons Clorox Bleach and one cup warm water, and soak nails in the mixture for fifteen minutes.
  10. Clean pesticides and insects from fruits and vegetables. Add one-half cup Clorox Bleach in a sink filled with enough water to cover the fruit and vegetables. Let soak for ten minutes, and rinse clean. The chlorine bleach kills lingering bugs.
  11. Disinfect planters. Mix three-quarters cup Clorox Bleach per gallon of water in a bucket and use this solution to disinfect recycled plastic and clay pots, planters, and seed-starter-trays. Let soak for an hour, then rinse and dry.

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