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45 Wacky Uses for
Clorox® Bleach

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  1. Clean butcher blocks to prevent bacteria from breeding. Wash the cutting board with hot, sudsy water and rinse clean. Then apply a solution of three tablespoons Clorox bleach per gallon of water. Keep wet for two minutes, then rinse clean.
  2. Kill Fire ants. Pour one cup Clorox Bleach directly on a Fire ant mound, killing the ants in their privacy of their own home.
  3. Remove stains from baby clothes. Mix one-quarter cup Clorox bleach to one gallon of water in a plastic bucket. Add colorfast clothes and soak for five minutes. Rinse well, then run the clothes through a regular cycle in the washing machine.
  4. Sterilize your pruning tools. Mix three-quarters cup Clorox Bleach in a gallon of water. After each use, dip your pruning equipment into the disinfectant solution between cuts or at least between plants—to avoid spreading fungal diseases of azaleas. When finished, soak the pruning shears in the solution for one hour, then rinse clean, and dry.
  5. Deodorize a filthy vase. Wash the vase with diluted Clorox Bleach (three-quarters cup bleach per gallon of water), and then rinse clean.
  6. Discourage blackspot on roses. Pre-treat the mulch by mixing one ounce Clorox Bleach per gallon of water in a bucket and soaking the wood chips and other natural mulches in the solution for one hour.
  7. Clean mops. Rinse mops in a bucket of sudsy water and three-quarters cup of Clorox bleach per gallon of water.
  8. Clean caulking around bathtubs. Scrub with a solution of three-quarters cup Clorox bleach to a gallon of water.
  9. Kill tree fungus or mistletoe. Before cutting down a tree plagued by fungus or mistletoe, pour one or two gallons of Clorox around the base of the tree. Repeat four month later. In many cases, the tree roots drink up the Clorox, killing the fungus or mistletoe, enabling the tree to heal itself.
  10. Whiten a porcelain sink. Fill the sink with a solution of three-quarters cup Clorox bleach per gallon of water. Let sit for five minutes.
  11. Fight Fusarium blight on a lawn. To combat Fusarium blight (reddish-brown spots that turn yellow as the grass dies), mix one ounce Clorox Bleach, two ounces Jet-Dry (with citrus vinegar), and four gallons water in bucket. Fill a pump spray bottle or a hose-end sprayer with the liquid and—wearing goggles, a mask, rubber gloves, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt—spray the spots when the nighttime temperature remains in the mid-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Reapply one a month. Consider adding a one-half-layer of compost to the lawn (or spraying with compost tea) to increase the beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
  12. Clean slippery moss and algae from brick or stone paths. Mix three-quarters cup Clorox Bleach in one gallon water in a bucket, and wearing rubber gloves, scrub the area to remove the moss and algae and help prevent regrowth.

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