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Weird Facts about Turtle Wax®

  • While driving from Beloit, Wisconsin, company founder Benjamin Hirsch, the developer of Plastone car polish, stopped at a place named Turtle Creek, rested by a stream, and was struck by his reflection in the water. Realizing that his car polish provided a wax coating as tough as a turtle shell and as reflective as Turtle Creek, he renamed his product, Turtle Wax.
  • In 1945, with just $500, ex-magician Benjamin Hirsch set up shop in a small Chicago storefront at 2207 Chicago Avenue, where he developed Plastone Liquid Car Polish by mixing batches in a bathtub.
  • Benjamin Hirsh's wife and partner, Marie, would bottle the polish, and Ben would sell it.
  • Hirsh's best sales technique was to wax parked cars while waiting for the owner to return.
  • In the early 1950s, after a sales call in Beloit, Wisconsin, Ben Hirsh took a stroll along Turtle Creek, and shortly afterward Liquid Plastone Car Polish became Turtle Wax with the hard shell finish.
  • Turtle Wax, Inc., is frequently offered supplies of turtles. Former company president, Carl Schmid, would refuse these offers politely and point out that the turtles in Turtle Wax are like the horses in horse radish.
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