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26 Wacky Uses for Ziploc® Storage Bags

clothes ziploc
  1. Pack children’s clothes for a trip. Place one outfit into a freezer bag, zip the bag shut most of the way (leaving an opening roughly one-inch long), and then sit on the bag to expel the air. Seal the bag partially shut, place your mouth against the opening, inhale to suck the remaining air from the bag, and seal the bag shut. The plastic freezer bags make it easier to stay organized, and sucking the air from the bags compresses the amount of space the clothes take up.
  2. Keep passports waterproof. Store your passport in a Ziploc Storage Bag.
  3. Protect important papers. Store tax forms, important records, canceled checks, receipts, warranties, and instructions in a Ziploc Storage Bag.
  4. Store camping items. Carry utensils, food, clothes, maps, medications, and first aid supplies in Ziploc Storage Bags.
  5. Carry a wet sponge or cloth for sticky fingers. Travel with your own dampened wipe in a Ziploc Storage Bag.
  6. Separate lingerie, scarves, gloves, hosiery, and handkerchiefs. Organize your smaller garments in Ziploc Storage Bags.
  7. Keep jewelry together. Organize rings, earrings, necklaces, and brooches in Ziploc Storage Bags.
  8. Improvise a diaper changing mat. In an emergency, a jumbo Ziploc Storage Bag can be a used as an easy-to-tote changing mat.
  9. Carry dirty diapers in a baby bag without any offending odors. Keep extra Ziploc Storage Bags in your baby bag so you can seal dirty diapers inside a plastic bag until you can dispose of them properly. This is especially considerate when visiting friends' homes.
  10. Carry snacks. When traveling, pack snacks in Ziploc Storage Bags.
  11. Carry a change of baby clothes. Pack a change of clothes for a baby in a Ziploc Storage Bag. In separate bags, store a pacifier, cotton balls, and medication. Place all the items in a jumbo zippered Storage Bag and keep it in the baby bag.
  12. Pack toiletries when you travel. Keep all your toiletry items together in a Ziploc Storage Bag and prevent any unexpected leaks or spills.
  13. Store game pieces. Never lose dice, cards, playing pieces, or small toys again.
  14. Pack seasonal items away. Store leftover holiday greeting cards, valentines, and halloween decorations in Ziploc Storage Bags.
  15. Pack a child's suitcase with ease. Organize your children's outfits in jumbo Ziploc Storage Bags. Put a matching top, bottom, a pair of underwear and socks in each bag, so kids know exactly what they're going to wear each day of a vacation.
  16. Marinate meats. Combine your food and marinade ingredients in a Ziploc Storage Bag and refrigerate.
  17. Store crayons. Keep a few crayons in a Ziploc Storage Bag for trips so kids always have something to do in restaurants.
  18. Store leftovers. Keep leftovers for single servings in Ziploc Storage Bags for quick meals.
  19. Organize store coupons. Keep coupons in Ziploc Storage Bags for easy reference.
  20. Make potpourri. Collect dried roses, juniper sprigs, tiny pine cones, strips of orange rind, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and allspice berries. Mix a few drops of rose, cinnamon, and balsam oils with orrisroot (available at your local crafts store). Add all ingredients and seal in a Ziploc Storage Bag for a few weeks to mellow, turning the bag occasionally.
  21. Store jigsaw puzzles. Keep all the pieces in a Ziploc Storage Bag so you never lose that one pivotal piece of the puzzle again.
  22. Store screws, nuts, and bolts. Organize nuts, bolts, drill bits, nails, washers, and screws in the workshop.
  23. Store crafts. Organize paintbrushes, ribbons, beads, glues, and strings in Ziploc Storage Bags.
  24. Store leftover garden seeds. Seal seeds and put them in a cool, dry place until ready for planting.
  25. Pipe icing on a cake. Fill a pint-size Ziploc Storage Bag with icing, twist the bag to force icing to one corner, seal, and use scissors to snip a small bit off the corner. Squeeze out icing to make polka dots, squiggles, or write names. Use a separate bag for each color.
  26. Clean a shower head. If a shower head can not be removed for cleaning, fill a Ziploc Storage Bag with Heinz White Vinegar, wrap it around the shower head, and secure in place overnight with a rubber band.
Copyright © 1995- Joey Green. "Ziploc" is a registered trademark of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
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