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16 Wacky Uses for Tidy Cats®

  1. Create emergency traction for automobiles. Keep a bag of Tidy Cats in your car trunk in case you get stuck in the ice or snow. When poured under the tire, it provides excellent traction.
  2. Prevent grease fires in barbecue grills. Cover the bottom of the grill with a one-inch layer of unused Tidy Cats cat box filler to reduce fires.
  3. Soak up car oil and transmission fluid. Tidy Cats works as an absorbent to pick up transmission leaks from garage floors. Pour a thick layer of unused Tidy Cats over the puddle, wait 24 hours, and sweep up with a broom. Scrub clean with a solution of detergent and hot water.
  4. Repel squirrels and chipmunks from flower beds. Sprinkle one tablespoon used Tidy Cats cat box filler (yes, used) on the ground around the base of each flower.
  5. Deodorize a garbage can. Cover bottom of garbage can with one inch of unused Tidy Cats to absorb grease and moisture.
  6. Prevent mildew in bathtub. Pour unused Tidy Cats in a flat box and place in your bathtub when you leave your house for a long time to prevent mildew. (Keep the bathroom door closed if you have cats so they don't use it.)
  7. Deodorize a stale refrigerator. Pour unused Tidy Cats in a flat box, place it on the middle shelf, and shut the door for five days.
  8. Soothe an insect sting. Mix a handful of Tidy Cat with water to make a paste and apply to the sting and let dry. The clay in the cat box filler anesthetizes the sting.
  9. Neutralize smells in a diaper pail. Pour a few cups of Tidy Cats into the bottom of the plastic bag lining the diaper pail to absorb the odors of the diapers.
  10. Absorb moisture from the bottom of a kitchen garbage pail and prevent odors. Pour a one-inch layer of Tidy Cats on the bottom of the trash pail.
  11. Deodorize the smell of spoiled food from the freezer. After cleaning the freezer interior thoroughly, pour unused Tidy Cats in a flat box, place it in the freezer, and shut the door for several days. The cat box filler absorbs odors.
  12. Provide traction on snow-covered driveways and sidewalks. Sprinkle unused Tidy Cats on the snow-covered walk.
  13. Give yourself a facial. Mix two handfuls of unused Tidy Cats with enough water to make a thick, muddy paste. Smear the mud over your face to create a deep cleansing mud mask, let set for twenty minutes, then rinse clean with water. The clay from the cat box filler detoxifies your skin by absorbing dirt and oil from the pores.
  14. Prevent musty, damp odors in a closed summer house. Fill shallow boxes with unused Tidy Cats. Place one in each room before closing up the house to soak up musty, lingering odors.
  15. Repel moles, gophers, or groundhogs. Pour used Tidy Cats into the mole, gopher, or groundhog tunnels. The creatures smell the scent of their natural enemy and quickly tunnel elsewhere.
  16. Deodorize sneakers. Cut off the feet from a pair of clean, used L’ggs Sheer Energy Panty Hose, fill each foot with unused Tidy Cats, tie the ends, and place inside shoes or sneakers overnight. The cat box filler absorbs moisture and odors.
Copyright © 1995- Joey Green. "Tidy Cats" is a registered trademark of the Ralston Purina Company.
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