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11 Wacky Uses for

Reddi-wip Shampoo
  1. Condition your hair. If you’re all out of cream rinse, use Reddi-wip whipped cream. Fill the cupped palm your hand with Reddi-wip, apply to your hair (topping yourself with a maraschino cherry is optional), cover with a shower cap, wait fifteen minutes, then rinse a few times before shampooing thoroughly.
  2. Lighten coffee. Use a tablespoon of Reddi-wip as a substitute for milk or cream in a cup of coffee.
  3. Shave. Apply Reddi-wip to wet skin, let sit for two minutes, then shave. This tasty substitute for shaving cream also moisturizes the skin while you shave.
  4. Make a sour cream substitute. Mix three or four drops of lemon juice with one cup Reddi-wip and let sit for thirty minutes.
  5. Give yourself a moisturizing facial. Using Reddi-wip whipped cream as a facial mask moisturizes dry skin and gives it a healthy glow. Wait twenty minutes, then wash the desert topping off with warm water, followed by cold water.
  6. Enhance the color of pumpkins in the garden.Spraying one-half cup Reddi-Wip whipped cream around the base of pumpkin plants every three weeks gives the fruits a soft, creamy orange color.
  7. Soothe the burn on the roof of your mouth from hot pizza. Grab a can of Reddi-wip and fill your mouth with whipped cream. With your tongue, press the Reddi-wip against the roof of your mouth to coat the lesion. The coolness and creaminess soothes the burn.
  8. Remove make-up. Spread a handful of Reddi-wip on your face, rinse clean with lukewarm water, and blot dry. The whipped cream also moisturizes the skin.
  9. Relieve constipation in cats and dogs. Spray a dollop of Reddi-wip Whipped Cream on a saucer or on top of your pet’s food. Dairy products help relieve constipation in cats and dogs. Don’t give your pet too much whipped cream unless you’re willing to deal with the other extreme—diarrhea.
  10. Get moss to grow on a stone wall, brick walkway, a terra-cotta pot, or between sidewalk stones. Spray the area with Reddi-wip, and wait a few weeks for moss to grow.
  11. Improve marital relations. In the best-selling book, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask), author Dr. David Reuben first suggested using whipped cream to enhance activities in the bedroom. Give new meaning to the phrase “dessert topping.”
Copyright © 1995- Joey Green. “Reddi-wip” is a registered trademark of Con Agra Brands Inc.
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