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24 Wacky Uses for Quaker® Oats

quaker oats arthritis

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  1. Soothe arthritis pain. Mix two cups Quaker Oats and one cup water in a bowl and then heat in the microwave oven for one minute. Apply the warm mixture to your hands.
  2. Relieve itchy skin. Using a blender, grind one cup Quaker Oats into a fine powder. Cut off the foot from a clean, used pair of L’ggs Panty Hose, fill with the powdered oats, and tie a knot in the nylon. Tie the oatmeal sachet to the spigot, letting it dangle in the flow of water as the tub fills with warm water. Soak for thirty minutes in this inexpensive and soothing oatmeal bath.
  3. Lift your mood and keep it even keeled. Eat a bowl of Quaker Oats whole grain oatmeal for breakfast at least three times a week. Oats contain more than half the recommended daily allowance of fatty acids, folic acid, and zinc. The fiber content keeps your blood sugar level balanced.
  4. Give your hair a dry shampoo. Apply dry Quaker Oats to your hair, work it through with your fingers, and brush it out to remove the oils.
  5. Heal acne. Make a bowl of oatmeal according to the direction on the back of the canister, let cool, and apply the oatmeal to the face. Cover with a washcloth dampened with warm water. Let sit for fifteen minutes, then wash clean. Repeat daily for one week, or whenever acne flares up. Oatmeal is a natural astringent that dries the skin.
  6. Soothe the blisters from poison plants. Cook up a bowl of Quaker Oats according to the directions on the side of the canister, let cool, spread it on the affected area, cover with a clean, damp washcloth, and let sit for up to thirty minutes. Wash clean. Repeat whenever necessary. As an astringent, oatmeal soothes the itching and contains beneficial proteins.
  7. Relieve and prevent constipation. Eat a bowl of Quaker Oats oatmeal every morning. The soluble fiber beta-glucan in the oats helps soften the stools.
  8. Overcome insomnia. An hour before going to bed, eat a bowl of Quaker Oats oatmeal cooked with milk. Oats calm the nerves and invite drowsiness, and milk, loaded with the amino acid tryptophan, helps the brain produce the neurotransmitter melatonin, which promotes sleep.
  9. Give yourself a moisturizing facial. Make a paste from Quaker Oats, lemon juice, and honey. Apply to face, let sit for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  10. Soothe puffy eyes. Mix up one-half cup Quaker Oats according to the directions on the canister, chill in the refrigerator, then apply to your closed eyes. Wait ten minutes, then wash clean.
  11. Prevent irritable bowel syndrome from producing diarrhea. To soak up liquid in your intestines, eat a bowl of Quaker Oats oatmeal every morning. Oats contain the mild sedative gramine, the complex carbohydrates seem to increase serotonin levels in the brain, relieving stress, and the fiber absorb excess fluid in your intestines, generating soft, firm stools.
  12. Relieve eczema or the itching of psoriassis. Grind one cup uncooked Quaker Oats in a blender, and add the fine powder to your bathwater, and soak for fifteen minutes. Oats soothe itchy skin.
  13. Help fill your stomach and impede the need to binge. Start each day with a bowl of Quaker Oats oatmeal. With only 150 calories in a one-cup serving, oatmeal makes you feel full longer, minimizing the urge to snack.
  14. Clean soiled suede. use a clean cloth to rub Quaker Oats into the stain in a circulation motion. Brush clean with a suede brush.

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