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11 Wacky Uses for

Pepto-Bismol Facial
  1. Give yourself a rejuvenating facial. Use a cotton ball or a thin gravy brush to cover your face with Pepto-Bismol (avoiding your eyes), let dry, and then rinse clean with warm water (to open the pores) followed by cool water (to close the pores). Pepto-Bismol absorbs oils from the skin and tightens the pores, leaving your skin looking smoother and feeling softer.
  2. Soothe bee or wasp stings. This pink-colored mixture soothes itching when slathered on a bee or wasp sting.
  3. Give yourself a body wrap. Using a paintbrush, cover your body with Pepto-Bismol and then wrap your legs, arms, and torso in Reynolds Wrap. Sit twenty minutes, and then rinse clean with warm water, followed by cool water.
  4. Soothe the itching of poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. Using a gravy brush, paint Pepto-Bismol on any rash caused by any poison plant. The alkalinity relieves the itching and the pink solution helps dry the blisters.
  5. Dry up pimples. Put a dab of Pepto-Bismol on the blemish. The salicylate reduces the inflammation and redness, and benzoic acid is an antifungal that fights the bacteria causing the pimples.
  6. Extinguish pizza burn. Swishing your mouth with Pepto-Bismol coats the roof of your mouth and quikcly soothes the searing pain caused by the burn.
  7. Soothe hives. Using a cotton ball, apply this pink liquid to your hives to temporarily relieve the itch. The alkalinity soothes the itching.
  8. Numb the pain of a canker sore. Swish one teaspoon Pepto-Bismol around your mouth for a few minutes, concentrating on the sore, and then spit it out. The bismuth subsalicylate helps temporarily neutralize the acids and digestive enzymes in your mouth causing the pain.
  9. Nuetralize flatulence. Taking one teaspoon Pepto-Bismol does not bring excessive flatulence under control, but it does significantly reduce the odor.
  10. Soothe mosquito bites. Use a cotton ball to apply Pepto-Bismol to the affected area. The alkalinity relieves the itching.
  11. Relieve the symptoms of an ulcer. Take Pepto-Bismol according the directions on the bottle. Bismuth subsalicylate, one of the ingredients in Pepto-Bismol, kills the bacteria in your stomach that may be responsible for causing ulcers. (Please note that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved Pepto-Bismol as an ulcer remedy.)
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