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21 Wacky Uses for Oral-B® Glide® Dental Floss

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  1. Cut a birthday cake. Cut a strand of Oral-B Glide Dental Floss a few inches longer than the diameter of the cake. Hold the ends of the strand in each hand, making the floss taut, and press the string down to cut the cake in half. Slide the floss out from under the bottom of the cake, and repeat the process, cutting the cake into clean slices.
  2. Truss poultry for cooking. Fill the cavity with stuffing, cross the two legs, and tie legs together with Oral-B Glide Dental Floss. If necessary, sew the cavity closed.
  3. Repair the mesh screening on playpens. Sew up the rip with Oral-B Glide Dental Floss.
  4. Lift cookies from a cookie sheet. Slide a strand of Oral-B Glide Dental Floss between fresh-baked cookies and the cookie sheet.
  5. Repair a tent or backpack. When hiking or camping, Oral-B Glide Dental Floss makes a durable, strong thread for tough repairs.
  6. Sew buttons on heavy coats. Use Oral-B Glide Dental Floss as a durable thread.
  7. Hang pictures, sun catchers, or wind chimes. Oral-B Glide Dental Floss is stronger and more durable than ordinary string.
  8. String beaded necklaces. Oral-B Glide Dental Floss is thin enough for small beads, yet stronger than thread.
  9. Repair eyeglasses. If the screw from the hinge of your eyeglasses is lost, tie a piece of Oral-B Glide Dental Floss through the screw holes for a temporary repair until you can get the glasses fixed properly.
  10. Repair a wooden chair. To glue a slightly loose tenon of a support beam into the hole in the chair leg, coat the tenon with Elmer’s Glue-All, wrap Oral-B Glide Dental Floss tightly around it, and let dry. Then glue the tenon into the mortise.
  11. Remove photographs stuck to pages of a self-adhesive photo album. Gently gliding a piece of Oral-B Glide Dental Floss behind the photo.

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