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35 Wacky Uses for Morton® Salt

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Morton Salt Pan
  1. Clean the inside of a cast-iron pan. Sprinkle Morton Salt inside the pan and wipe clean.
  2. Clear congested sinuses. Dissolve one-half teaspoon of Morton Salt in one cup of warm water. Insert a Glad Flexible Straw into the liquid, cover the open end of the straw with your finger, insert the straw in your nostril, release your finger from the straw, and inhale the liquid. Repeat several times, then blow your nose thoroughly.
  3. Substitute for deodorant. If you forget to use deodorant before leaving the house, rub a pinch of Morton Salt in each arm pit (unless you recently shaved your underarms). The salt absorbs perspiration, keeping your underarms dry—an inhospitable environment for bacteria.
  4. Prevent grass from growing in crevices. Sprinkle Morton Salt in the cracks. Salt is a corrosive that kills plants.
  5. Clean the silver soleplate on an iron. Sprinkle Morton Salt over a paper grocery bag, warm the iron on a non-steam setting, and iron the paper bag. The abrasive salt cleans the gunk from the bottom of the iron.
  6. Absorb spilled cooking grease. Pour Morton Salt immediately on the spill, let sit for twenty minutes, then wipe up.
  7. Prevent colors from fading in the wash. Add one cup coarse Morton Salt to detergent in the washing machine.
  8. Make peeling potatoes a snap. Dissolve one-half cup Morton Salt in one gallon of water, and soak the potatoes in the salt water for thirty minutes before peeling.
  9. Clean grease from hands. Lather up your hands with soap, then sprinkle a generous amount of Morton Salt in your cupped palm, and continue scrubbing. Salt breaks down greases and the grit makes for an abrasive scrub.
  10. Keep slugs away. Sprinkle Morton Salt on the sidewalk close to the grass. When slugs try to approach your house, the salt will kill them by reverse osmosis. This works well in keeping slugs away from pet food, too.

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