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23 Wacky Uses for Miracle Whip®

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  1. Soothe mosquito bites. Rubbing a dab of Miracle Whip on mosquitos bites ends the itching.
  2. Remove dried glue and gum left by price tags. To remove the glue left behind by price stickers, cover the dried adhesive with a dab of Miracle Whip, wait three minutes, and wipe clean. The Miracle Whip works as a solvent to dissolve the gums in the glue.
  3. Prevent razor burn. To avoid a rash from shaving your bikini area, use Miracle Whip as a substitute for shaving cream. Miracle Whip hydrates the skin, preventing razor burn.
  4. Give house plant leaves a shine. Using a sheet of paper towel, rub Miracle Whip on houseplant leaves to make them shine and to prevent dust from settling on them.
  5. Remove makeup. Apply a generous coat of Miracle Whip to your face, wait two minutes, and then rinse clean. Miracle Whip also exfoliates and moisturizes the skin.
  6. Remove a bumper sticker from a car bumper. Rub Miracle Whip over the entire bumper sticker. Let it sit for fifteen minutes to allow the Miracle Whip to permeate the bumper sticker and dissolve the glue. Then peel off the bumper sticker with ease.
  7. Clean fresh pine sap from a car finish. Rub some Miracle Whip on the sap, let sit for ten minutes, and then using a clean, soft cloth and some elbow grease, wipe the spot clean. Miracle Whip removes sap without stripping the car finish.
  8. Clean discolored pool balls. Coat the balls with Miracle Whip and wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  9. Repel fleas from a cat. Cover the cat with a thick coat of Miracle Whip, rub it into your pet’s skin and fur, and then wipe the animal clean with a damp towel. The cat will continue the bathing process by licking itself and the Miracle Whip clean, resulting in a clean coat that repels fleas.
  10. Clean scuff marks from a tile floor. Use a dab of Miracle Whip to clean black scuffmarks from a tile or vinyl floor.
  11. Clean piano keys. Use a dab of Miracle Whip on a clean, soft cloth to clean piano keys.
  12. Remove chewing gum from hair. Rub a dollop of Miracle Whip into the chewing gum.

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