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33 Wacky Uses for Johnson’s® Baby Oil

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  1. Avoid swimmer’s ear. Before swimming, use an ear dropper to put a few drops of Johnson’s Baby Oil in your ears to prevent bacteria and fungus from making a home in your ears.
  2. Clean and lubricate gardening tools. A few drops of Johnson’s Baby Oil dissolves tree sap from pruning shears and can also be used to lubricates the pivot joint.
  3. Remove a ring stuck on a finger. A few drops of Johnson’s Baby Oil will help that ring slip off your finger.
  4. Help vinyl glide through a sewing machine. Wipe the seam line with a cotton ball dipped in Johnson’s Baby Oil before stitching.
  5. Shave. If you run out of shaving cream, slathering Johnson’s Baby Oil on skin before shaving raises hair stubs for a clean shave, lubricates the razor, moisturizes sensitive skin, and prevents the safety razor blade from rusting.
  6. Remove makeup from your face. Dab on baby oil, wait ten minutes, and remove with cotton balls. Baby oil gently removes mascara, leaving a thin, protective film that moisturizes lids and lashes.
  7. Clean grease from hands. Massage a few drops of Johnson’s Baby Oil into your grease- or paint-covered hands, and then wash with soap and water. The grease and paint will wash right off.
  8. Soften brittle fingernails. Warm a few tablespoons of Johnson’s Baby Oil and soak your nails in it for ten minutes.
  9. Remove chewing gum from hair. Pour a few drops of Johnson’s Baby Oil into the gum and massage with your fingers. The mineral oil—a clear, colorless, oily liquid with little odor or taste—dissolves the gum, making it easy to comb out of hair.
  10. Exfoliate dead skin. Place one teaspoon sugar or salt in your palm, cover with Johnson’s Baby Oil, and rub your hands, elbows, and knees, and then wash with soap. The abrasive sugar exfoliates dry skin.
  11. Remove excess earwax. A few drops of baby oil in each ear will gently loosen excessive earwax. You may need to repeat for a few days, and then rinse your ears using a rubber bulb syringe filled with water.

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