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52 Wacky Uses for Heinz® Vinegar

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  1. Prolong the life of flowers in a vase. Add two tablespoons of Heinz White Vinegar plus three tablespoons of sugar per quart of warm water. Stems should be in three to four inches of water.
  2. Prevent cracked hard-boiled eggs. Add two tablespoons of Heinz White Vinegar per quart of water before boiling to prevent the eggs from cracking. The egg shells will also peel off faster and easier.
  3. Clean windows. Use undiluted Heinz Vinegar in a spray bottle. Dry with a soft cloth.

  4. Eliminate unpleasant cooking odors in the kitchen. Boil one tablespoon of Heinz White Vinegar with one cup of water.
  5. Remove wallpaper. Mix equal parts Heinz Vinegar and hot water. Use a paint roller to wet the paper thoroughly with the mixture. Repeat. Paper should peal off in sheets.
  6. Eliminate animal urine stains from carpet. Blot up urine, flush several times with lukewarm water, then apply a mixture of equal parts Heinz White Vinegar and cool water. Blot up, rinse, and let dry.
  7. Relieve a cold. Mix one-quarter cup Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar with one-quarter cup honey. Take one tablespoon six to eight times daily.
  8. Deodorize a stale lunch box. Soak a paper napkin in Heinz Vinegar and leave it inside the closed lunch box overnight.

  9. Prevent soapy film on glassware. Place a cup of Heinz White Vinegar on the bottom rack of your dishwasher, run for five minutes, then run though the full cycle. A cup of white vinegar run through the entire cycle once a month will also reduce soap scum on the inner workings.
  10. Unclog a shower head. Unscrew the shower head, remove the rubber washer, place the head in a pot filled with equal parts Heinz Vinegar and water, bring to a boil, then simmer for five minutes.
  11. Relieve a cough. Mix one-half cup Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar, one-half cup water, one teaspoon cayenne pepper, and four teaspoons honey. Take one tablespoon when cough acts up. Take another tablespoon at bedtime.
  12. Retard patching plaster from drying. Add one tablespoon white vinegar to the water when mixing plaster to slow the drying time.

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