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21 Wacky Uses for Glad® Trash Bags

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  1. Improvise emergency waterproof boots. Wearing sneakers or shoes, insert each foot inside a plastic trash bag. Pull the plastic tie cord snugly to seal the trash bag around your upper calves or above your knees.
  2. Sled down a snow-covered hill. Tie a Glad Trash Bag around your bottom like a diaper, and slide down the hill.
  3. Improvise a raincoat. Cut slits in a Glad Trash Bag for your head and arms.

  4. Cover your barbecue. Protect your outdoor grill by covering it with a Glad Trash Bag.
  5. Make a solar-powered camping shower. Fill a Glad Trash Bag with water, tie it to a solid tree branch, and let the sun heat the water. After you lather up with soap, poke a small hole in the bag to rinse off.
  6. Protect chandeliers and hanging lamps when painting a ceiling. Pull a Glad Trash Bag up over the lighting fixture and tie it up as high on the chain as possible.
  7. Travel with a plastic laundry bag. Pack a Glad Trash Bag in your suitcase.

  8. Prevent ice from accumulating on a car windshield. Cut open a Glad Trash Bag, place it over the entire windshield, and close the car doors over the edges of the bag to hold it in place. When you're ready to go, brush off any snow and peel off the plastic bag.
  9. Make a Hawaiian grass skirt. Cut off the bottom of Glad Trash Bag and cut long strips one inch strips to within three inches of the pull cord.
  10. Make waterproof stuffing for outdoor cushions, bathtub toys, and stuffed animals. Cut Glad Trash Bag into strips and use it as stuffing.
  11. Make dust covers for clothes. Cut a small hole in the center of the bottom of Glad Trash Bag and slip the bag over the top of a suit or dress on a hanger.

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