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Wacky Uses for
Glad® Flexible Straws

  1. Unclog a freshly opened ketchup bottle. Insert a Glad Flexible Straw all the way into the bottle to add air and start the ketchup flowing.
  2. Blow bubbles. Diagonally cut the end of a Glad Flexible Straw, dip into bubble soap, and blow.
  3. Prevent strings on pull toys from getting tangled. Run the string through one or more Glad Flexible Straws and knot it at the end.
  4. Extend the spout of an oil can. Put a Glad Flexible Straw over the end of the spout of an oil can to reach tight spots.
  5. Prevent tangles in fine chain jewelry. Run the chain through a length of Glad Flexible Straw and fasten the catch.
  6. String plastic straw necklaces. Instead of using macaroni, let the kids cut up Glad Flexible Straws and run a string of yarn through them to make necklaces.
  7. Elongate flower stems that are too short for a vase. Insert the flower stem into a Glad Flexible Straw cut to whatever length you need.
  8. Make croquet wickets visible on the lawn. Run the wickets through Glad Flexible Straws before sticking them in the ground.
  9. Improvise an eyedropper. Insert a Glad Flexible Straw into the liquid, cover the open end of the straw with your finger, and lift. The liquid will stay in the straw until you release your finger.
  10. Mark a stitch when knitting. Cut a one-eighth inch length from a Glad Flexible Straw and use as a ring to mark a stitch on needles up to size ten.
Copyright © 1995- Joey Green. "Glad" is a registered trademark of the Glad Products Company.
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