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  1. Germinate seeds or plant seedlings. Remove the label from a clean, empty two-liter plastic bottle of Coca-Cola, drill drainage holes in the bottom, cut the bottle in half with a pair of scissors, and use the bottom half as a planter for seedlings. Or, instead of cutting the bottle in half, lie the bottle on its side, cut a three-inch-wide access flap along the length of the bottle, and drill drainage holes in the other side of the bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with soil and plant seeds inside.
  2. Water tomatoes or melons. Cut a two-inch-diameter hole in the bottom side of a clean, empty two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. Drill a one-sixteenth-inch hole in the cap (one-eighth-inch for clay soil). Plant the capped bottle upside-down near tomato plants (six inches deep and roughly one foot away from the base of the plants) or in the middle of a melon hill. Fill the bottle with water every four days by placing a hose in the hole you cut in the base. For greater saturation, drill roughly a dozen holes in the top rounded part of the bottle before burying it.
  3. Shield healthy plants from organic weed killers. Cut off the bottom of a clean, used two-liter Coca-Cola bottle, and cover the weeds with the top half of the bottle. Insert the nozzle of a spray bottle filled with organic herbicide into the neck of the bottle and spray.
  4. Make a Cola Volcano. Mix two drops Tabasco Pepper Sauce to a glass of Coca-Cola, stir well, and add ice.
  5. Clean permanent marker from a dry-erase board. Saturate a clean cloth with Coca-Cola and wipe down the dry erase board to remove permanent marker.
  6. Bake moist brownies. Substitute Coca-Cola for water in brownie recipes. The brownies come out moist and delicious (thanks to the caramel flavoring).
  7. Tenderize pork chops. Before cooking, place the pork chops in a bowl filled with one can of Coca-Cola for two to three hours. The acids in the Coke tenderizes the pork chops and marinades them in the caramel flavoring.
  8. Clean carbon off a rifle or shotgun. Saturate a soft, clean cloth with Coca-Cola and rub the firearm to clean off carbon. Then wipe clean with a soft, clean cloth dampened with water and dry thoroughly.
  9. Sepia tone photographs. Place the photographs (color or black and white) in a tray of some Coca-Cola, let soak for two minutes, carefully rinse the photographs in a tray of water, and dry the pictures (pat them with a dry towel and then use a blow-dryer set on high). The photos will turn a nice shade of sepia, the color that makes old photos look so warm.
  10. Store thumb tacks. Fill a clean, empty Coke bottle with thumb tacks. Need a tack? Turn the bottle on an angle. It dispenses only a few tacks at a time. With the cap on the bottle, you never have to worry about spilling tacks again.
  11. Roast a succulent turkey. Wash the turkey, place it in a plastic oven bag, pour one-half can of Coke over the turkey, and close the bag as directed. Before the last half hour, split the bag open to give the turkey a nice caramel brown. The Coke provides the salt, so there’s no need to add any.
  12. Clean stains from a ceramic pet food bowl. Fill the bowl with Coca-Cola, let sit for one hour, and rinse clean. The phosphoric acid in the Cokes dissolves the grime.
  13. Free a rusted tractor engine. If you park a tractor outdoors during the winter and forget to put a can over the exhaust stack, allowing water to get into the engine and rust the insides, pour a can of Coke in each cylinder to free up the engine. Be sure to clean and oil the cylinders as well.
  14. Age concrete. Pour Coke on new concrete to “age” it, so it blends in with existing material.
  15. Make bowling pins for kids. Set up ten clean, empty two-liter Coca-Cola bottles as bowling pins.
  16. Kill mice. Put Coca-Cola in a bowl and set it out where you have mice. The mice love Coke, drink it, and unable to expel the gas, die.
  17. Make Coca-Cola spew from a bottle like a geyser. Place a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola outside on a flat surface, open the cap, drop five Mentos candies into the opening, and stand back. The Coca-Cola shoots from top of the bottle, creating a geyser. Why does it work? The gelatin and gum arabic from the dissolving Mentos candies weaken the surface tension of the water in the soda, allowing the carbon dioxide bubbles to expand. At the same time, the rough surface of the Mentos candies lets the new bubbles form more quickly (a process called nucleation). As more of the candies dissolve, both processes accelerate, rapidly producing foam. The resulting pressure inside the bottle forces a geyser of foam to spray from the bottle.

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