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26 Wacky Uses for

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  1. Heal a paper cut. Rub ChapStick on the wound. The lip balm stops the sharp pain caused by air hitting the nerves and helps the cut heal.
  2. Soothe chafed skin. Rub ChapStick over the chaffed skin, coating the area liberally. The waxes in the lip balm eliminate the friction causing the problem, and the medicinal ingredients promote healing.
  3. Lubricate a pair of pliers. Rub ChapStick lip balm over the pivot joint of the tool.
  4. Lubricate a leafed dining room table. Having trouble pulling apart your leafed dining room table to insert another leaf? Lubricate the metal runners under the table by rubbing Chapstick along the runners so table halves slide apart easily.
  5. Stop the bleeding when trimming a pet's nails. If you trim your pet’s nails too close to the quick, stop the bleeding by rubbing the cut spot with ChapStick lip balm. The wax clogs the unfortunate nick.
  6. Clean a scuffmark an eyeglass lens. Rub a little ChapStick lip balm over the mark and buff clean with a clean cloth or coffee filter.
  7. Condition dry, cracked cuticles. Rub ChapStick on the affected cuticle to help seal in moisturize.
  8. Soothe a tender nose. If your nose gets red and sore from blowing your nose too often, rub non-flavored ChapStick on the tender spots to heal the irritation.
  9. Lubricate furniture drawers and windows. Rub ChapStick on the casters of drawers and windows so they slide open and shut easily.
  10. Heal sore nipples. Use cherry-flavored ChapStick on sore nipples to prevent cracking from breastfeeding. ChapStick is safe for babies, so nursing mothers don’t have to wash off the ChapStick before feeding the baby. Babies also seem to like the cherry taste and tend to latch on quicker.
  11. Protect your dog or cat’s paw pads. Rubbing ChapStick into dry paw pads seals in moisture and heals rough, dry skin.
  12. Prevent hair coloring from dying your skin. Rub ChapStick along your hairline before coloring your hair.

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