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20 Wacky Uses for
Bubble Wrap®

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  1. Cover a compost bin. Drape a large sheet of Bubble Wrap over the sides of the pile. The Bubble Wrap cover can protect a sufficiently moist compost bin from rain or keep moisture in the compost bin when the sun is out.
  2. Make knee pads. When working in the workshop, crawling under the house or in the attic, roller skating, working in the garden, or playing contact sports, improvise knee pads by folding two sheets of Bubble Wrap to form cushions and taping them to each knee with Scotch Packaging Tape.
  3. Help prevent potted perennials from freezing in the winter. Line the inside of the planter with Bubble Wrap before planting. Do not line the bottom of the planter to allow for drainage.
  4. Immobilize a broken bone. In an emergency, wrap Bubble Wrap around the injured arm or leg several times and securing it in place in with Scotch Packaging Tape. Once the broken limb has been set in a cast, you can avoid damaging the cast by wrapping it with Bubble Wrap (bubble-side in, to resist the temptation to pop the bubbles) held in place with Scotch Packaging Tape.
  5. Protect plastic, wood, and fiberglass planters left outside during the winter months. Wrap the planter with Bubble Wrap and secure in place with Scotch Packaging Tape. The extra insulation helps protect both the plant and the planter. Or before planting, cut a piece of Bubble Wrap to fit around the inside of a terra-cotta pot before filing with soil to insulate plant roots and prevent constant freezing and thawing. (Do not line the bottom of the planter to allow for drainage.)
  6. Help outdoor potted plants survive the winter. Place the pot inside a Glad Trash Bag, fill the bag with Bubble Wrap to insulate the plant roots and the pot (to prevent cracking). Seal the bag tightly around the trunk of the plant, and set the pot on top of a wood block so it is raised off the ground.
  7. Stuff a scarecrow. Bubble Wrap makes excellent stuffing to fill the pants and shirt when making a scarecrow.
  8. Make stakes in a garden accident-proof. Wrap Bubble Wrap over the tops of stakes and secure in place with Scotch Packaging Tape to avoid painful accidents should anyone trip over the stakes.
  9. Avoid blisters and make rakes, shovels, and hoes easier to handle. Wrap the tool handles with Bubble Wrap secured in place with Scotch Packaging Tape.
  10. Prevent chisel blades from smacking into other tools and dulling. Wrap each chisel in a small sheet of Bubble Wrap.

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