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34 Wacky Uses for
Bounty® Paper Towels

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  1. Revitalize wilted flowers in a vase. Add a few ice cubes to the water and cover the flowers with a sheet of Bounty Paper Towel dampened with cold water.
  2. Keep vegetables fresher longer. Line the bottom of the vegetable bin in your refrigerator with Bounty Paper Towels to absorb the excess moisture.
  3. Dry fresh herbs. Place the herbs on a sheet of Bounty Paper Towels and heat them in the microwave oven for approximately one minute. Repeat for thirty-second intervals if necessary. Store the dried herbs in Ziploc Storage Bags, labeled appropriately, in the pantry for up to one year.
  4. Remove parchment paper from the bottom of a cake. Soak a sheet of Bounty Paper Towels with water, set the cake paper-side down on the saturated paper towel, and let sit the edges of the parchment paper start to curl. At that point, lift up the cake and peel off the parchment paper.
  5. Warm rolls in the microwave oven. Wrap each roll in a sheet of Bounty Paper Towels and then place the covered roll in the microwave oven. The paper towel absorbs moisture, preventing the rolls from getting soggy.
  6. Prevent a dog or cat from shedding all over the house. Dampen a sheet of Bounty Paper Towel and run it over the animal. The paper towel collects the loose hair.
  7. Speed up the time it takes to defrost frozen meat. Place a few sheets of Bounty Paper Towels on the countertop, place a trivet (or a grill from one of the stove burners) on top of the paper towels, and place the frozen package of meat on top of that. The trivet (or grill) allows the air to circulate under the meat, speeding up the defrosting process.
  8. Store asparagus. Trim the ends of the stalks slightly, wet a sheet of Bounty Paper Towel, and wrap paper towel around the cut ends of the asparagus. Refrigerate, but do not store for more than a day or two.
  9. Strain the fat from broth. Strain the broth through a sheet of Bounty Paper Towels.
  10. Deep cooked rice warm without getting sticky until you’re ready to serve it. Place a few sheets of Bounty Paper Towels across the mouth of the pot and place the lid over it. The paper towel absorbs the steam that would ordinarily condense of the underside of the lid, preventing the water from dripping back into the rice.
  11. Give a hamster or gerbil plenty of digging and nesting material. Add a few shredded sheets of Bounty Paper Towel to the cage.
  12. Prevent the wet pages of a book from wrinkling. Place sheets of Bounty Paper Towels between every wet page, close the book, place a heavy book on top, and let sit overnight.

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