Wacky Uses for
Crayola® Crayons

  1. Dye candles. Melt Crayola Crayons with paraffin to make colored candles.
  2. Rewind a bobbin. Mark the thread with a contrasting color Crayola Crayon a few yards after starting to wind it onto the bobbin. The crayon mark will alert you when the thread is coming to the end.
  3. Hide scratches on furniture and Formica. Rub the nick with a matching Crayola Crayon.
  4. Mend a leaking vase. Hold a match under the pointed end of a Crayola Crayon that matches the color of the vase and let the melt-ed wax drip into the crack. After the wax cools, scrape away the excess.
  5. Hide small bleach spots on clothing. Color the spot with a Crayola Crayon that matches the color of the fabric, then cover with wax paper and iron on a low setting.
  6. Renew the worn dial on a washer or other appliance. Rub the knob with red or black Crayola Crayon until the indentations of the letters and numbers are filled with colored wax. Then wipe off the excess crayon.
  7. Seal envelopes. Melt Crayola Crayons as sealing wax for envelopes.
  8. Differentiate hard-boiled eggs from raw eggs in the refrigerator. Mark the hard-boiled eggs with a Crayola Crayon.
  9. Repair a scratch on an automobile. Find a matching color Crayola Crayon and work it into the scratch.
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