Little-Known Uses for
Oral-B® Mint Waxed Floss

  • Truss poultry for cooking. Fill the cavity with stuffing, cross the two legs, and tie legs together with Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss. If necessary, sew the cavity closed.
  • Repair the mesh screening on playpens. Sew up the rip with Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss.
  • Cut a birthday cake. Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss cuts cake into neat slices.
  • Lift cookies from a cookie sheet. Slide a strand of Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss between fresh-baked cookies and the cookie sheet.
  • Repair a tent or backpack. When hiking or camping, Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss makes a durable, strong thread for tough repairs.
  • Sew buttons on heavy coats. Use Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss as a durable thread.
  • Hang pictures, sun catchers, or wind chimes. Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss is stronger and more durable than ordinary string.
  • String beaded necklaces. Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss is thin enough for small beads, yet stronger than thread.
  • Slice cheese. Oral-B Mint Waxed Floss cuts neatly through cheese for clean slices.

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